1981 Paul Keres Memorial Chess Tournament,Tallinn Commemorative Envelop

1981 Paul Keres Memorial Chess Tournament,Tallinn Commemorative Envelop

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Author: Paul Keres Memorial Tournament signed by Mikhail Tal, David Bronstein, Aivars Gipslis, Eduard Gufeld, Bladimir Bagirov, Lubomir Ftacnik, Iivo Nei, Margeir Petursson, Hillar Karner, etal

Year: 1981

Publisher: Paul Keres Memorial Tournament

Place: Tallinn


1981 Paul Keres Memorial Chess Tournament,Tallinn Commemorative Envelop canceled signed by the participants on the front.

The Paul Keres Memorial Tournament is a tournament played in honor of chess grandmaster Paul Keres (1916-1975). It usually takes place in Vancouver, Canada and Tallinn, Estonia. An annual international chess tournament has been held in Tallinn every other year since 1969. Keres won this tournament in 1971 and 1975. Starting in 1977 after Keres' death, it has been called the Paul Keres Memorial Tournament. From 1991, the tournament has been held yearly and changed into a rapid event. From 1999 this tournament also had a women's section. In the past twenty years, apart from this rapid tournament, several other memorial tournaments have been played in honor of Keres. In 1975, Keres won a tournament in Vancouver. It was his last tournament he would ever play in, on his way back to his native Estonia, he died from a heart attack. The 1981 contest was a fifteen round contest won by Mikhail Tal a half point of ahead of his closest rivals David Bronstein and Aivars Gipslis who scored 9 1/2 points respectively. A full point behind them, tied for fourth and fifth were Eduard Gufeld and Vladimir Bagirov. Lubomir Ftacnik captured sole sixth with 8. Three players, Iivo Nei, Margeir Petursson and Hillar Karner, shared seventh through ninth a half point behind. Another three shared tenth through twelfth, Aleksandr Veingold, Stefan Djuric and Laszlo Barczay, with scores or 7. In thirteenth was Lothar Vogt at 6 1/2. Laszlo Hazai with 6 held down fourteenth. Next a half point behind was Gunnar Uusi and Andres Vooremaa followed a full point behind. Tal started off slowly with five draws in as many rounds before he scored a victory. At round sixth Gipslis was leading with 4 1/2. By round nine Tal had pulled even. By round 12 Gipslis had pulled a slight lead over Tal by half a point. In round thirteen Tal had evened the lead and in the next round the two would pair of against each other resulting in a draw. The last round would be the decider with Gipslis playing Bronstein, who had pulled even with the two, and Tal drawing the weaker Ftacnik, thus with a draw with Bronstein and Tal with a win over his opponent the championship went to the victor.


Signed on the front, some light edge wear else a very good item.