Fritzis Aspsheniek Memorial Chess Tournament 1946

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Author: Aleksandrov, Alexander Nikolaevich (1918-1975); Tenis vitauts Melngailis, Reinholds Balinsh and Igor Nikolaevich Zhdanov

Year: 1946

Publisher: Latvian Chess Society

Place: Riga


Three of the thirteen original hand written score sheets in Aleksandrov's hand in Russian chess-notation. Octavo (8 1/4" x 6") Signed by him and his three opponents Tenis Melngailis, Reinholds Balinsh and Igor Zhadanov.

Fricis Aspenieks (1894-1941) was Latvia's chess champion in 1926 and 1934 and one of the strongest players in Latvia before WWII. He died from tuberculosis in 1941.>br>
The Memorial Tournament was held in Riga from December 10 through the 26th. Aleksandrov won with a score of 11 of 13, distantly followed by V Mezhgailis with 8 1/2; Tied for third through fifth was M Beilin, G Bezruchko and T Melngailis with a score of 7 points. J Kruzkop was clear sixth with 6 1/2. R Balinish was a half point behind and took seventh. Tied for eighth and ninth were M Zvirbulis and I Zhdanov with 5 each. Z Solmainis took tenth with 4 1/2. Eleventh and twelfth were I Blek and M Robs with 4. A Paklas with a score of 2 1/2 was last. A Bushkov withdrew and his score was not counted even though he and lost one, won one and equal two before withdrawing. Aleksandrov won both of these games with Melngails a French Defense, playing white; and with Zhdanov the Spanish playing black. He won against Reinholds Balinsh with white.


Some edge wear with corners creased, some age toning else a very good set.