Cancellation cover Commemorating the The Kings Chess Tourament, London 1984

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Author: Seirawan, Yasser (1960- ) signed

Year: 1984

Publisher: Greater London Council

Place: London


One sheet cover with cancelled stamp and decorative chess pieces in red and white and black lettering. Commemorative cancel to stamp. Long duodecimo (4 1/2" x 7 1/2") Signed by Yasser Seirawan in blue ink, cancellation date 26 April 1984.

The Phillips & Drew Kings was a series of chess tournaments held in London, UK, in 1980, 1982 and 1984. Sponsored by the stockbroker firm Phillips & Drew and the Greater London Council (GLC), these were among the strongest chess tournaments ever held in London. They were 14-player all-play-all tournaments held over 13 rounds. The venue was County Hall, the meeting place of the GLC. A fourth tournament, the GLC Chess Challenge, was held in 1986, at a different venue and with changes in sponsorship, but with the same format. The 'Kings' tournaments were all category 13 or 14, and among the strongest in the world at the time. Alongside each was held a lower category (3-5) all-play-all 'Knights' tournament. In 1984, the tournament was a category 14 event. This was the first-ever all-GM tournament to be held in the United Kingdom, and took place from 26 April to 11 May. The participants were: Anatoly Karpov, Murray Chandler, Lev Polugaevsky, Jan Timman, Zoltán Ribli, Yasser Seirawan, Viktor Korchnoi, Rafael Vaganian, Ulf Andersson, Tony Miles, Jon Speelman, Jonathan Mestel, John Nunn, and Eugenio Torre. Result: Karpov 9/13, Chandler, Polugaevsky 8, Timman 7.5, Ribli, Seirawan 7, Korchnoi, Vaganian 6.5, Andersson, Miles, Speelman 5.5, Mestel, Nunn, Torre 5 (14 players).

Event covers are decorated, stamped and canceled commemorative envelopes. They are created to celebrate an event or note an anniversary. The design (called a "cachet") is generally placed on the left side of the envelope (although there are also "all over" cachets). It explains what is being commemorated on what date, and some times includes an illustration page. Ideally, the stamps used relate to the celebration. Cancels are either obtained in the city of the event. If a special cancellation (one with a design) has been created for the event, you can generally only receive that cancel from the local post office.


Some edge wear else a very nice copy.