Letter to Wolfgang Pauly

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Author: van den Berg, Evert Jan (1901-1939) signed

Year: 1931


Place: Apeldoorn


1 page letter (9" x 5 3/4") with problem on verso to the Romanian composer Wolfgang Pauly. Written from Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. The letter discusses the solution to a chess problem, which is hand written on verso. Signed by Carel Benjamin van den Berg.

Wolfgang Pauly (1876-1934) was the greatest chess problemist of Romania. He was also an amateur astronomer who discovered a comet, now named the Pauly comet. He worked with A C White and assisted in the preparation of several of the Christmas Series problem books presented by White to his friends over the years. M Stere recovered by pure fortune the archives of Wolfgang Pauly from his old house which had to be demolished to make room for the communist mega-building called The House of People, hosting today the Romanian Parliament. He was able to read his original copybooks with correspondence, and letters received by Pauly from other great problemists. From this, came the book Wolfgang Pauly: Challenge of a Legacy. It is not known if this is one of the letters salvaged.


The leaf is slightly tanned with a center fold. A very good copy.