Le Monde des Eches

Author: L'Echiquier

Publisher: L'echiquier

Location: Bruxelles (Brussels)

Year: 1933



A collection of 16 photographs of various chess players, including Alekhine, Euwe, Menchik and Tartakower. Oblong duo decimo (6 1/4" x 9 1/2") There is a leaf with a description of those featured on the photos. In original paper portfolio. Series 1. First edition.

The picture of M Duchamp and V Halberstadt was taken at the Man Ray Studio in Paris. The photographs of T R Dawson was taken at the G Chic Studio, E D Bogoljuboff at F Clauss, in Landau, Joao Maria da Costa taken at J & M Lazarus Studio in Lisbon, Francisco Somma at Fratelli Seffer Studio in Polorme, Edomond Lancel, Walter Robinow ands Edgar Colle at R Demester Studios in Brussels, Rudolf Spielman at Josef Kayda Studios in Vienna, Dr R Rey Rdid at Jalon-Angel Studios in Barcelona, Salivelly Tartakower and Pierre Biscay at Pierre Auradon Studios in Paris, Mile Vera Menchik at Herbert Vandyk Studios in London, Alexander Alekhine and Max Euwe unknown studies.


A near fine set with slight soiling to portfolio.