Akiba Rubinstein: The Uncrowned King and The Later Years

Author: Donaldson, [William] John and Nikolay Minev [editors] inscribed

Publisher: International Chess Enterprise

Location: Seattle

Year: 1994-95



2 volumes: viii+321+[3 adds] pages with diagrams, tables, illustrations and index; xii+306+[2 adds] pages with diagrams, illustrations, tables, bibliography and index. Octavo (8 1/2" x 5 1/2") issued in wrappers. Edited by [William} John Donaldson and Nikolay Minev. Inscribed by John Donaldson on title of both copies. First edition.

Rubinstein flourished especially from 1907 to 1912. Beginning from his win at Karlovy Vary in 1907, through a shared win at St. Petersburg in the same year, he culminated it in a record string of wins in 1912. He won five consecutive major tournaments that year: San Sebastian, Pie�ťany, Breslau (the German championship), Warsaw and Vilnius (although none of these events included Lasker or Capablanca).Some believe that he was better than world champion Emanuel Lasker at this time (Silman 2007:477). Ratings from Chessmetrics support this conclusion, placing him as world #1 between mid 1912 and mid 1914. Reuben Fine, on the other hand, believed he was not quite as strong as Lasker, and was also eclipsed by Jose Raul Capablanca after 1911.


Light rubbing to hinges. A near fine set.


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