III Maroczy International Memorial Chess Tournament, Debrecen 1969

Author: Debrecen Chess Club signed by all contestants

Publisher: Debrecen Chess Club

Location: Debrecen

Year: 1969



One page sheet (8" x 11"), listing each contestant and signed in each player's hand as well as the tournament director and arbitrators.

The third Maroczy Chess Tournament took place in Debrecen from August 10th through the 26th of 1969. It was organized by the Decbrecen Chess Club and named in honor of Geza Maroczy, a leading Hungarian chess master, one of the best players in the world in his time, was a category VIII tournament. Maroczy was born in Szeged, Hungary on 3 March 1870. He won the "minor" tournament at Hastings 1895, and over the next ten years he won several first prizes in international events. Between 1902 and 1908, he took part in thirteen tournaments and won five first prizes and five second prizes. In 1906 he agreed to terms for a World Championship match with Emanuel Lasker, but political problems in Cuba, where the match was to be played, caused the arrangements to be canceled.

There were fourteen contestants. From Russia was Viatcheslav Osnos who captured first with 10 of 13. Tied for second was Burkhard Malich from Austria and Nikopla Spiridonov from Bulgaria a point and half behind with 8.5. In Fourth was also a two way tie with Mihajlo Mihaljcisin of Yugoslavia and Eduard Gufeld also from Russia a point behind. In sole sixth was Gyozo Forintos representing the home country Hungary at 7. Tibor Filep also of Hungary and Enrico Paoli from Italy tied for seventh at 6.5. For ninth a shared place was Gedeon Barcza of Hungary and Heinz Liebert of Germany with scores of 6. In eleventh was Gyula Sax of Hungary, followed by Krzysztof Pytle of France a half point behind and Hyula Kluger of Hungary with 4 ponts. In last place the Hungarian Kovacs Lajos with 2.5.


Some edge wear to the sheet with not tears, some folds to the paper, each player's name followed by their signature to the right else a very good item.