Adolph Anderssen - William Steinitz World Championship Match 1866

Author: Buschke, Albrecht (1904-1986)

Publisher: California Chess Reporter

Location: San Francisco

Year: 1952



[2]+30 typescript pages with diagrams and table. Octavo (8 1/4" x 7") bound in original publisher's pink wrappers. Annotated by M I Tchigorin, translated from the Russian by A Buschke. Supplement 2. (Betts: 27-13) First American edition.

Biographical sketches of Andersen, Steinitz and Tchigorn prepared by Buschke. Contains a general introduction on the match and teh players, followed by the 14 games, with annotations translated from Chigorin's in his chess column in Novoe Vermia 1891. The games of the match between Anderssen and Steinitz have never before been published, separately, in book form. Even in contemporary magtazines the games of this match were accorded only scanty notes.

The match between Adolph Anderssen and William Steinitz was played in London, during July and August 1866 and is commonly considered as marking the beginning of Steinitz' reign as World Chess Champion. Officially, however, this title was not then in existence, the first match officially played for the title being that between Steinitz and Zukertort in 1886. The opening phases of these two matches are strangely similar. In both cases, the challenger loses the first game and wins the next four. But while in 1866 the young challenger Steinitz (30) was not discouraged by the almost unbelievable comeback of the old master Anderssen (48), the aging Steinitz of 1886 demoralized his slightly younger opponent Zukertort by drawing even after nine games then going on to decisive victory.


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